Good day, our precious fans and fans, those who have been loyal to us for many years. We are grateful to you for this and we are trying to please you further and more. You already know our beloved friend Olga, you know that she also shoots outside the house and loves extreme videos. In this video, Olga went out into the countryside, it was a warm day and Olga went out of town. Olga found a clearing along the road, this place was both safe and not very safe. She might have been noticed anyway. Cars constantly passed along the road and so sometimes people walked. But this only roused Olga more. She stripped down to her underwear and pissed and shit into white fishnet panties. She walked to the camera and showed her dirty ass closer to the camera. You will see everything very close) When Olga took off her panties, a lump of shit fell to the ground, but Olga picked it up and ate it. She did it slowly, savoring her shit in the fresh air. It was also difficult for her to swallow it, but still she did it. Then she put on dirty panties on herself and she was ready to ride in dirty panties on the bus home. An exclusive video for you! Be the first to see this and get it in your collection!

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