Mistress – Shitty Breakfast day after day. Collection ($24.99 ScatShop)

Shitty Breakfast day after day
Good day my dear fans. I present to you A collection of two movies where my toilet slave eats my shit in the morning day after day. Hard shit comes out of my ass and he bites it off. And my copious diarrhea, which scared him, it covered his whole face and I fed it to him with a wooden spoon. Watch my movies, enjoy. Love You all!
1.Eat shit right out of my ass
Today my shit-eater is waiting for a delicious Breakfast right out of my ass. I ate fruit, lots of fruit. The bones are crunching in his teeth. Oh, how nice when living toilet, near. Eat, chew carefully, savor. Lick your lips smacking. Great, smelly, shitty Breakfast, it’s so healthy and nutritious.
2.Large diarrhea feeding
I didn’t shit for two days, preparing. Ate a lot of fruit and waited for my shit-eater comes, to feed him. I could barely wait. And as soon as he entered, he just managed to throw off his clothes and immediately got a heap of hot smelly diarrhea in his mouth. He was in shock, squeaking and tried to swallow, but did not have time and shit flooded and flooded his mouth. Today he has a big Breakfast, today he will be eats my fresh shit, my diarrhea.


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