I’m bored and feel like playing a filthy game with my slave. I call him in. The pathetic slave crawls over to a bowl, very afraid. I slap him. I have such an exciting idea, I just know it will put me in a better mood. I’m going to fill up the bowl with various disgusting things and then make the slave go bobbing in the bowl for whatever I say. This is exactly what he exists to do. Amuse me in unspeakably degrading ways all for my entertainment.

The first thing I put in is some foot dust. I grind my foot callous down. It stinks already. There was some trash stuck to my foot so I put it in too. Next, the main body of the concoction: a full load of my shit and piss. A big creamy pile builds up in the corner, followed by a massive rush of piss coming out for like 20 seconds. The bowl looks beautiful! The slave must be feeling so hungry.

Next, I wipe my ass with some toilet paper and drop it into the bowl, followed by a used condom from the sex I had with my boyfriend the previous day. It’s all wrinkled and filled with cum. In it goes! Finally, a filthy pair of old socks that are well-worn and full of holes. I chuck them in the bowl and they soak up the shitty piss cocktail.

For the full last half of the video, I mush the slave’s face into the bowl and tell him to bob for various objects. He has to dig out the condom with his teeth, then some toilet paper, followed by my socks. Then I make him get the condom again. It’s filling up with shitty liquid!! The slave’s gags are all real. He frequently begs me to stop but I just shove him back in with my feet, filling his mouth and nostrils with disgusting waste water. He gargles on the shit and blows bubbles while submerged in the bowl. He’s trying to breathe but has to keep digging around for shit. The game ends when I am bored and disgusted by such a miserable pathetic sight. All slaves deserve to be treated like this or worse.

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