Being a lesbian has prevented a sweetheart from quenching her urges! To make things harder, her fetishes include playing with feces! Luckily for her, she finally finds a suitable partner and they now intend to pleasure each other! At first, one of them bends over on top a chair while the other spreads her butt cheeks apart and orally pleasures her asshole! Shortly after, the one doing the eating lies down and gets pooped on her face and body! When the sweetheart could no longer release anymore, the two would face each other and smear the feces all over their bodies and even get some into their mouths! It doesn’t end there! The other lady later gets her turn of being the one bent over and doing the pooping on the other woman! After which, they would spread the filth all over them again! They would then follow it with intense and sloppy kissing, consequently getting feces into their mouths! However, that isn’t the end of it, the two would later take turns eating each other’s pussy which they then follow with more poop fun by giving one another an enema!

Categories: Enema, Groups/Couples, Poop Videos, Scat, Smearing, Toilet Slavery

Length: 25:17s
Resolution: 600×450
Download Format: wmv
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