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Girls, the next time you interview for a job, I recommend you follow these guidelines:
1. Dress very slutty.
2. When you greet the recruiter, shake his hand, but also kiss him and immediately squeeze his cock through his pants.
3. Look him directly in the eyes and be direct�¢ï¿½�¦tell him that you need him to fuck your ass. Direct communication during an interview is the key to success!
4. Drop to your knees and release his cock. Lick the pre-cum from the head and then deepthroat his cock until you are gagging and crying. Don’t worry about your makeup.
5. After his cock is dripping with your thick spit, pull him to the ground and stick your ass high in the air. Point directly at your asshole so he is clear which hole he needs to fuck.
6. While he fucks your ass, push hard so that his cock is covered in your delicious shit.
7. Demonstrate your commitment to the job by sucking and licking his shit-covered cock.
8. Take any extra shit that you have and smear it all over your body and eat it.
9. For bonus points during the interview, have him fuck your face again until you puke. Save the puke for cleaning his cock, cleaning your hair and face and for a post-interview snack. You’re going to be hungry!

Girls, I promise that if you follow these simple 9 guidelines that you’ll win the job and a nice salary. Plus, you’ll make a new fuck-friend at work!

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