You emailed me describing how much my ass “blows you away” and beg to see me in person. I agree with an evil plan in mind. I have you tied up nice and tight with a big ball gag in your mouth and a hook in your nose, making it crane open. I flaunt my ass in my fishnet panties, knowing they drive you crazy. I squat down, putting my ass so close to your face when *faaaaart* I start ripping some stinky ripe farts right into your nostrils. I can’t help but laugh at you. Did you really think I would see you for YOUR pleasure? Hahaha that’s cute! This is all about me and what I want. And right now, I want to humiliate you while I fart on you again and again. Oh look! Your cock is starting to get hard HAHAHAHA so pathetic. You are so addicted to my ass you even love my farts. Oh you want to cum? Go ahead but it’s going to be hands free! See if you can come without any physical simulation while I make fun of you and continue to torment you with my thick ass and stinky farts.

Categories: Farting, Toilet Slavery

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