My employee is late for work again, so I scold him. I tell him that I will fire him if he does not submit to me. If he wants to keep his job, he’ll have to prove first that he can be useful to me. I’m quite amused at the way this lecture makes him anxious. So he really wants to keep his job? Then let’s see if he really does everything that I want him to do. I command him to open my leather skirt and to lick my ass. He certainly does not think anything bad yet, but I will put him to the test now. Next, I tell him to lie down on the floor and spread his legs over his face. Now he must drink the piss of his boss. After I peed everything on his face, I order him to get on all fours and slurp up the remaining golden shower from the floor. While he drinks my pee from the floor, I sit on him and make sure he doesn’t miss anything. Next it will be decided if he gets to keep his job or not. I jerk his cock a little and then sit on his face with my bare ass. “Open your mouth,” I order him. Now I’m going to shit my scat into his mouth and he has to eat it all. See for yourself how I make him eat up all my shit. Now I allow him to have an orgasm. My employee must jerk his cock and cum onto my piss. Of course, he must lick the floor clean once more.

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