After a long time of being alone and with no one to pleasure her, this woman finally decides to entertain herself! Her chosen fetish for this situation is her feces! Inside the bathroom, wearing a sexy dress, she would repeatedly erotically move around as well as expose her buttocks to gradually get her in the mood! She takes her time doing so and by the time she is starting to get ready, she takes off her panties and even shows it off! By then, she spreads her legs wide apart while bending over as she slowly pushes out her feces from her asshole! She would even repeatedly pull her ass cheeks apart to make it flow smoother and faster out of her rectum! After a couple of chunks, she could no longer release any more and so she proceeds with cleaning her asshole by wiping it with tissue paper! By then, she concentrates her attention on looking at her filth, but it doesn’t take long before she begins wanting to defecate again! So, she takes off her panties and then adds to the mound of feces she has already made, consequently creating a much bigger mess!

Messy, Erotic Floor Defecation

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