Kat delicious little asshole is always here for you. Always ready to give you your daily shits. Bending over ass up in he air Kat gapes her hole open to show you the turd sitting right there inside. Grounding her shit down Kat gets her hole nice and ready for you. She knows you like it when she teases you and tells you about her shits from the day before. Continuing to tease you, ground her shit and gape for you. Kat begins to tell you about what she ate the day before. Then she squats down in your favorite position and spreads her ass to shit. She pees a little before and proceeds to shit a difficult shit. It definitely feels like there’s more so Kat get close up and sticks her fingers in her ass to spread her hole open and push it ALL out. Prolapsing while she pushes and fingers out her remaining shit. Fucking her ass with her thermometer to get her temperature for you. Showing off her shit and dropping it in the toilet for you. It’s a stinky one and I bet you wish you could smell it. Shoving her asshole in your face giving you one last prolapse nice and close. Even an extra turd falls out of her ass!

Shitting For You. Vol. 25

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