Now I’m going to turn my back to you so you can see it all coming out of my asshole. And remember, there will be a lot in there now after a day and a half. For several moments nothing happened, then slowly my asshole began to blossom out to reveal the brown tip of my shit. Slowly ny shit crawled out, more and more coming out. I’m watching between my legs, saw that my shit was tremendous in size. When I’m squeezed out the last of my shit, i turned around to my slave, I think it is time for you to taste a lady’s asshole now. Lick my ass clean! You had better get used to that taste, you will be doing a whole lot of that in the months to come, i promise. So you be a nice little boy now, and lick my dirty asshole. He finally had to let his breath out and was surprised that the smell was nearly gone, but that acrid/bitter taste remained in his mouth. Get your mouth down on that shit and take a big bite, and remember, don’t you dare throw it up. Better still, I want to see you licking my shit.

janet – Eat My Poop and Lick Me Up

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