I bought colored tights , and I so badly wanted to try them on , I wore the tights on the naked body , and sat on the bed . I thought what will happen if I have to play a bit , and I decided that I will release large amounts of shit and piss in pantyhose, I took a laxative . And fat wait as soon as I came the first urge to what I want in a toilet , we turned on the camera and Sali to remove a video clip . At first I pose for you in stockings , taking different poses so you can fully enjoy my charms and how the tights look on me , I wanted to finger myself and I started to caress her cunt with the hand first with the top of the tights and then my RCW slid inside , and Oh how I feel the touch of fingers to Clit I just really can feel it . During Masturbation I accept, ready for the next posture to operator I could show you from different sides . Then I get up and get cancer , and there is a liquid explosion . All my tights were in the shit and urine , I could no longer hold back this load of shit . I lay down on the bed and began to take different poses so you can fully enjoy my dirty shit fetish , I stand with cancer , spread her legs , things that you like . My bed and blanket were all in the shit and my new tights which kept a lot of pressure liquid diarrhea .

Pink tights full of diarrhea and urine

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