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This video was made by user request.

A tired nurse decided to play dirty during the break. She unfastens her medical dress, sits on the floor, takes off her heels and pisses a lot on an absorbent napkin. Nurse moistens her fingers with urine, fuck her asshole and shit. She continues to fuck the ass with her fingers, getting more shit, her pussy is wet. A nurse examines her shit in detail then inserts a speculum into her vagina, she turns the mirror, examines the cervix and inside of the vagina for a long time, then takes a gynecological brush and enters the vagina, trying to stain the cervix with shit. She turns the speculum again and again, smear shit along the cervix with a finger then fills her pussy with shit and releases it. There was a lot of shit inside, so nurse takes the dirty speculum again and inserts it into her pussy, twists it with the shit then inserts a new clean speculum and tries to make her cervix dirty again. The nurse filled her pussy with shit again, gets up and release the shit in her hand. Oh, this nurse is really dirty😈

Enjoy! 😉

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