My asshole is so full, it’s been 5 days since the last time I pooped! You know, pooping on camera is way more complicated than you think! Sometimes when I press record I think I am about to shit, but then my shit is getting “shy” and doesn’t want to come out. I have to wait and try again.

I’m gonna go ahead and take of my white denim shorts. I know you are more than ready to see me shit! You want to see my cute butthole open up and that shit sliding out… I squat over a plate and push… My shit finally comes out!! For me it’s a pretty long one! Surprisingly not very firm considering how long it’s been in my body! It feels so good to empty myself!

In the next scene I show you my dirty asshole from another angle! You are so excited to finally be able to sniff my shit! It may be the first time you watch me shit, but hopefully won’t be the last! You will get hooked to it!!

Bonus scene: close-up of my poop so you can admire all the details!

DirtyMaryan – Relieved to shit after 5 days

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