(5min45sec)- Oh my my my, you are my dirty stinky farty panty sniffer 😀 You LOVE to inhale the stink from my big farts that I rip into my panties…not to mention just being in the cloud of putrid fart odor that builds up whenever I am around hehehe.

Be there with me as I rip horrid farts into my cute little panties, savor the stench, get hard, and nut for my stank!

The last scene is out of control LOL I fart like a million times in about 2 and a half minutes…a major stink treat for your fart-loving face to get you to nut hard for my farts! There’s a little wet fart in there too 😉

***Please I ask that you not upload my videos to porn sites or piracy forums, it takes me a VERY long time, as in 2 or 3 weeks, to make just a 10-minute video as I ‘collect’ and save only the scenes of REAL farts, and then only the loud and/or long ones (thank you, sugar-free candy! LOL). If I was faking farts I could make videos every day and make tons of money, but I want to keep them real and natural.

Category: Farting

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