Yana and Olga wore elegant dresses and shoes of white color , they look very sexy and they like it a lot , but at the bottom of the dresses the girls wore underwear . Yana and Olga a little showed you how they are dresses and shoes , and then Yana took off his shoes , and Olga your . Olga framed to the ass Yana your shoes and Yana started shitting in them , filling the shoes of Olga shit , then Yana took my shoes and stuck to the ass of Olga , and Olga also started to fill the shoes Yana shit . After that Yana put your feet in your shoes and wear a pair of shoes start to get out shit , all white shoes Yana in shit , Olga did the same . Oh yeah their white shoes covered in shit . And feet too . Yana sat on the bed and handed Olga her legs which were wearing shoes , and Olga began to lick the shit off your shoes Oh Yana, Olga eating shit it’s so great , then Olga sat on the bed and Yana began to lick with shoes Olga crap . Yes, that’s just super . Yana and Olga show you my dirty feet and shoes which were in the shit . This is a very cool video . Any of you can become a writer to our hot video clips . And get in private collection hot video with our participation . Yes, we can bring to life any of your deepest fantasy . We welcome your suggestions .

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