*Original Upload Date: 1/16/2020*

My slave has been complaining about stomach aches so today I’m going to give him something to complain about. He is lying on the floor ready to receive his shit meal. I squat over him. I’m wearing sexy Doc Martens which I plan to trample the slave with after shitting on his face. The logs are thick and meaty. My slave chews on some while I put my full weight on his stomach. I am going to compress the slave to digest my waste more efficiently. I think he might not be chewing well enough so crumpling him under my boots will help with digestion. I smear some of the shit onto his chest and stomach with my boots and make him lick the mess off the floor before more trampling. At the end, I show off my work all over his body, the slave is ruined and desecrated, feeling miserable. Job well done for a brutal mean Goddess.

Length: 8:58s
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