I’m wearing t-shirt, sneakers and lace leggings and i have diarrhea xD.
I shit through leggings and piss a lot .I have diarrhea and therefore the liquid shit flows down my legs and I’m a little smeared shit on the ass. I take off my leggings but shit is not enough for me and so I’m fucking my ass with the fingers to get even more shit. My shit has sharp and dense small pieces of food, and I spoiled my ass hole because of this. So I take a bloody shit a little xD
Sitting on the floor, I continue to fuck my ass with my fingers. Shit is soft and juicy and I smear all over the pussy and play with the clit and cum. Creamy shit still go out of my asshole.
Take in the hands of soft shit and smear it on the pussy and ass…

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