This clip is VERY VERY SMELLY!

Princess Brooke has the water turned off at her home for repairs! A Job that should have taken a few hours turned into TWO DAYS! She was FURIOUS that she had to go so long without hot water! She came up with a solution though, Travel to Jimmy’s and SMOTHER HIM WITH STINK and then use HIS SHOWER!

The video begins with Jimmy IN THE SMOTHERBOX AND WRAPPED IN PLASTIC! Brooke makes him WORSHIP HER DIRTY SWEATY SALTY FEET as she laughs down at how pathetic he is! She rubs her feet down his face and then SITS FULL WEIGHT IN HER JEANSHORTS! Jimmy’s face disappears under her fat ass cheeks and then through the denim he can SMELL THE STINK!

Brooke takes off her bottoms and then proceeds to MAKE HER SLAVE SMELL HER ASSHOLE AND PUSSY! She sits front and back, making sure he has to smell every single bit of the odor! She even GAGS HIS MOUTH WITH HER DIRTY SWEATY PANTIES! Jimmy screams for help as she cuts off his air supply and smothers him RUTHLESSLY! There is one last surprise though…

Brooke places a towel over Jimmy’s face and PEES THROUGH IT, WATERBOARDING HIM WITH HER PEE! You can her the slave choking and gasping under the towel as she laughs at how pathetic he is! The video continues the next morning where Brooke UNLOADS one of the biggest and messiest loads to date on her slaves face! He uses a plastic barrier to keep all the feces on his face in a tower of CRAP!

Filth Fetish Studios – Smother And Soak – Organic Princess Brooke

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