It’s dark and I’m here to bring all your fantasies to light. Black is superior and this white pig will have a taste of it! I lay him down masked and begin to put oil all over his body. Naked and all I like to tease and jerk his cock, as he gets hard I stand over him and release my piss! It goes everywhere on his pathetic body that I’m going to use as a toy. As my golden shower fills his lil belly button and gets everywhere I sit and smear it all over his chest I fart in the air a couple times as I begin to strain and I strain he’s so I can release all this shit inside as I keep stroking him and have it quit so he can hear all the piss intertwined with his cock, I spread open and have him finger my asshole to loosen it up Moan because it begins to turn me on. After a few finger fucks I strain and begin to shit all over his cock. Hard turds and all go all over his cock balls and chest ugh the smell fills the room, and I begin to smear the shit over him, mixed with my piss and oil I give him a shit filled jerk off and this little white pig loved it I fulfill his nasty fantasy and I will yours. There’s more to come stay tuned!

Seduction – Pissed, farted, and shitted on a white pig

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