“Kate just about fell over when she watched as Michelle opened her mouth, the stream of urine filling her
throat and mouth until it over flowed and trickled down her neck. The stream subsided now, and Michelle closed her mouth, she stood back up, took Kaitlin’s face with both hands, pulled her close and kissed her. As their mouths opened Kate tasted the pungent, salty taste of pee fill every crevasse of her mouth.”

☂♀ Pissy Sixty-Nine ♀☂
A collection of very wet 69 scenes in 1080p


This full-length movie is a compilation made from many scenes where sexy couples (mostly but not only lesbians) engage in intense and tender sixty-nine positions, just to let their juices flow after a couple of minutes of sensual licking. Sometimes on their partners body, sometimes right in their partners mouth. Sometimes the piss leaves the mouth again, sometimes it stays in.

I always loved scenes containing sixty-nine positions and topping that up with hot and fresh piss is my absolute favourite.

I did add a new element this time, something that was not part of my earlier collections and compilations: slow motion pissing. The best scenes were taken and turned into slow motion video to stretch time to the maximum when the piss flows most. Let me know if you like that. If so, there will be more in future releases, especially slow motion drinking scenes.

♀ ♥ ♀

Let me know if you like what you see, comments and credits are very welcome 😀
Thanks to everyone who helped make this free-leech!

Size: 6,4 GB (6.421.907.352 bytes)
Duration: 1 hour 33 minutes 43 seconds
Dimensions: 1920 x 1080
Codec: H.264
Framerate: 25 frames per second
Bitrate: 8998 kbps

The movie features scenes from the following films:

After a Trip
Better than You
No Pedicure
Do Not Disturb
Chinese Day
Daniella, Vicky, Jolanda & Rosie
Gina & Nicol
Geisha Inauguration
Jolanda & Barbara
Barman at Home
Love Me Tender
Night For Two
Office Extreme Piss
The Photoset
Pissing all Over Both Pretty Hotties
Blue Dress
Putting Water Resistant Showrooms To The Piss Test
Rafaella & Vicky
Samantha Jolie & Vanessa Hell
A golden Christmas
Dance for me
Anabelle & Licky Lex



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