You catch me masturbating in bed, squirming and moaning while rubbing my unshaven unwashed pussy. You can smell my powerful feminine fragrances from far away. It’s totally irresistible! So you join me in bed, groping my gorgeous warm soft round body. I desperately need to poop. I always get uncontrollably horny like this when my anus is clogged with my thick hard poop.

You start teasing me by massaging my asshole. That makes it nearly impossible for me to keep clenching it tight! It turns me on so much, the anal stimulation makes me drool. I beg you to put your dick in there! I spread my legs and ass wide for you to enter my butthole. But as you try to enter, you notice it doesn’t fit! There’s some kind of resistance! It’s weird cause my asshole is normally so relaxed and open.

I moan hard even though you’re not fully in me yet. What’s going on here? I switch my position to doggy style, maybe it’ll work in this position! Please try again, I beg you. So again you try to enter my asshole. It seems even harder to enter me now, it’s like something is pushing back! Then I start moaning really hard and it dawns on you what is happening. My asshole puckers and stretches wide as an enormous massive shit starts coming out. You are shocked, right on the sheets!? This is our bed, we’re supposed to sleep here tonight! And that log is so massive, you’re totally baffled by it! Your raging hard-on is unstoppable now. You cannot resist as you watch my hot log-stretched asshole and I beg you to please fuck me in the ass, now!

So you enter, wow you can really feel how my massive log stretched my butthole. But still it’s so deliciously tight! My tight asshole grips around your hard dick, making you shiver and tremble with orgasmic pleasure. I moan as I push my ass into you, inviting you deeper. You can feel it’s not entirely clean in there but you don’t care anymore! This is just TOO hot! You fuck my ass right above my massive log in bed. I clench and tighten my butthole around your cock. You cum hard, filling up my dirty anus with your hot seed. I am beyond turned on and I rub my pussy hard til I myself have an incredibly powerful orgasm. In the delicious orgasmic afterglow I admire and gaze upon the enormous log I created in our bed. I smell it deeply, reacting strongly to the pungent odour. So penetrating! Hmmm I love it…

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