Cassie is your sexy next door neighbour. You’ve always had a big crush on her and she knows it – she takes advantage of your love for her by making you run errands and do tasks for her. You love following her instructions and just can’t help yourself, like a puppy dog.

You finally seem to break free from servitude to your hot neighbor one day and get a date with another woman. She hears gossip about it though and confronts you, not wanting to lose her free labour slave. She finds you in the hallway and tricks you with her sexy voice into coming inside for advice on your date.

once inside her apartment, Cassie takes off her clothes and shows you her white cotton panties. She taunts you asking if you like them. She tells you that you have to wear her warm, wet, scented panties during your date so you don’t forget her. Then she farts right in your face several times and informs you that she will be making them extra stinky and smelly by unloading a huge turd into them.

Watching the poo bulge her panties out and seeing her ass crack get filled with poop that she uses the fabric to scrape out, she tells you your allowed to clean the panties first before putting them on. But you have to use your mouth.

You know your date won’t go well with the smell of Cassie’s poop on your breath and her stinky panties under your clothes, but you just can’t say no to her, especially naked in front of you like that. You’ll be her toilet slave forever.

CassieScat – Hot Neighbour Sabotages Your Date with Pantypooping

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