Camping out on your 4th of July weekend? Guess again! >:) I intercept your sleeping bag that just came in the mail and tease you–it’s pink! I can’t believe you’d order such a sissy sleeping bag. I take it out, mmm it feels so smooth and soft against my skin… I roll around on it and its delicious texture starts turning me on, so I hump your sleeping bag until I feel the urge to poop. Our neighbors start shooting off fireworks and the timing is perfect–fireworks explode outside as I grind and shit all over your sleeping bag! I show off my hot turds and wet spots, as well as my shitty ass after rubbing one of those cute turds in my crack… then I use your soft sissy sleeping bag and taunt you throughout, your sleeping bag sure makes great toilet paper! Guess you’re gonna have a shitty holiday weekend 😉

Model : LoveRachelle2
Category: Pooping

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