Video starts as I am lying on the floor, legs spead in the air wearing high heels. My ass opens up and a little piece of poop comes out. I strain my asshole more and more and push but it the rest doesn’t want to come out yet. I decide to take off my heels to be more confortable. You can admire my slightly dirty long size 11 feet. I push again and a large thick log comes out, then I pee, and finally another piece of shit comes out, this last one is softer and slimer than the first one. I strain my swollen asshole some more cause I feel my ass is not completely empty. I tease you with my feet.

In the next scene I take my shit in my hands to show you all the details close to the camera. Don’t you like my Divine waste? This amazing piece of shit was sitting inside of me. I describe the texture. It looks delicious doesn’t it? Take a big sniff!


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