You are my personal shit slave and my human toilet! So of course I expect you to choke down every last big thick turd I have to feed to you, each and every day… for the entire week! Now get down where you belong slave on my bathroom floor and open nice and wide because you have SEVEN extra stinky massive shit loads coming directly your way! What is that…? Did I hear a whimper coming from down there? You know much better than to complain to me! Now shut up and eat! And when you are finished with your meal, lick my shitty prolapsed asshole clean because you know how I hate wasting my money on buying toilet paper, when I have you to do it for me!
(Never seen before compilation video includes 7 days of shitting! That is one whole week and 7 full sized shits for you to swallow!) Shot in July 2021.

Length: 8:44s
Resolution: 1920×1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 614 MB

Categories: Poop Videos, Toilet Slavery


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