My sexy stinky farts are getting you off aren’t they? I mean they are loud and smelly coming straight out of My ass hole. You know I’ve eaten something bad and you can’t get enough of it!
This clip you’re going to watch Me move around and push and squeeze these farts out of me. I can feel them in my stomach and sides and the more I push they move to my hole for you to listen fizzle and pop out my ass. As soon as you hear them zip out your cock throbs harder and harder getting you closer to cumming for Me.
Mmmm and you know as, I think you’re going to love listening to Me talk about My body and My sweat, and watching the spit dribble out of My mouth. I love tormenting you!!! Xo

BDSMangel – Farting Humilation – jerk to My stinky farts

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