I consider this video a test run for my college career day. They want us to come prepared to talk about our dreams and goals for our future career. Since I want to be a filthy scat slut�this is my practice for school. Watch me pull those delicious chocolate nuggets from my yummy ass! Want to see me fist my ass and see my hand all covered in shit? I�m sure my professors are going to be shocked! But just wait until I suck, chew and swallow my nasty shit. I know you love it! Really, I eat SO much shit in this video…I waste *nothing*! Of course, after such a big meal you need something to drink. Thankfully I have some hot piss ready to wash down all that yummy butt fudge. And no video would be complete if you didn�t see me shove my fist down my throat until my stomach explodes with shit and piss. This video has MAXIMUM puke! WOW! As a final challenge�what does a good puke slut do after she empties her stomach? She recycles it! Watch me drink all that nasty shit/piss puke and puke it a second time. This will be an awesome career day that no one will every forget.

Video Info: 1280×720 Pixel @ 1220 kb/s
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Length: 63min.
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Category: Anal Play, Eating, Pissing, Tasting
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Language: English


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