I hadn’t gone in a few days and I could feel one coming on. I literally had to jump up off the couch and run to the bathroom. I pull down my shorts and panties and you can see I’m already crowning! I don’t have to do much pushing as I am already so desperate to go. Big long fudgy turds come out laced with corn. It immediately stinks up the bathroom and I have to open a window. I know there’s more up there so I decide to use a suppository to get the rest out. I push it up my ass and pull out a very shit caked finger. It’s not long before the cramping starts and I’m pushing out more thich fudgy turdz. I repeat the process one last time to get the rest out. It stinks! I told you what I had been eating so it’s no surprise that it stinks so bad. I show you the shit and toss it in the toilet making thick skidmarks. I flush it down and give you one last peek of my stinking rosebud. Enjoy!

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