Tasty Orgasms💩💦 Deluxe Edit!

Before getting into the heavy play, Serena wanted to rub one out, and I went in for an assist on her nipples. This extended edit of Tasty Orgasms includes the vanilla foreplay for those who want to see how we get warmed up 🥵

Serena wanted me to shit in her mouth while she masturbates. But I get distracted easily, so after shitting in her mouth, I just had to go down on her instead! I attacked her clit with my tongue ’til she had a back-arching orgasm, with my shit in her mouth the whole time. Her pubic bone struck my teeth and cut the inside of my lip, but I did’t tell her 😎

So that’s the scene, right? Good thing nothing goes to plan. Serena wanted my cum in her and I was happy to oblige with some missionary fucking. I might have chosen that position to steal some shitty kisses. Next up is spooning position – our favorite. Serena was having non-stop, full-body orgasms, all the while holding my huge turd in her – well… it was huge at the beginning. By now it’s melted down to a much smaller size. Where did it all go? She had been swallowing the whole time, like it was a shit popsicle. A shitsicle. 💩 What a good piggy Serena is! (just scrub from the beginning of the video to the close-up in the middle, and you can see what I mean)

The scene ends with Serena pushing out the creampie and some piss, and with her beautiful smile, with the shit still in it – she just can’t get enough Tasty Orgasms! 😊

– Leo

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Length: 15min.
Format: MP4
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