This was insane! It’s been a while since I had such a big & creamy shit that my whole body went numb from pleasure and you guessed it! I did it directly into my slave’s mouth!

Yesterday I treated myself to a big farmhouse breakfast with EVERYTHING! Sausages, bacon rashers, eggs, toast and grilled tomato. For lunch a medium / rare 300g steak and large fries. For dinner? Well you’ll see it in the video. THREE Chicken & Mayo burgers my slave prepared for me.

The next morning there was a problem with the bathroom toilet and there’s only so much waste a girl’s colon can take guys!

So I have shown and explained to you why you need more toilets in your home for such emergencies where you know your bowel movement will be massive. But let’s be honest. It’s inappropriate to install toilets all over your house like the living room area. So what to do girls?

Do what I do, get yourself a devoted human toilet slave! You don’t have to hide them when people are visiting because it’s a person like everyone else but when nature calls BIG TIME you can transform it to the perfect toilet to eat your shit.

Look how thoughtful my slave was here, using two living room chairs so I can sit in total comfort and take a massive shit right into his inferior mouth under me. This shit felt so good to push out I did it slowly to enjoy every moment and then felt sadistic and aroused so I left him like that for the entire day! His mouth full of my shit and a huge pile right on top of his face leaving him with only half a nostril to breathe through.

Because this was such a massive & creamy shit I included a short slow-motion part for you so you can see my thick & creamy turds slowly slither out of my asshole directly into his open & willing mouth.

Also a little bonus material. You think I’m perfect? You think I don’t make mistakes during a shoot? Enjoy the humorous moments as I included a short blooper where you can see me stumble and forget what I wanted to say. See how hard I laugh and how much funny moments there are on the set of Broken Toilet 19. First time ever I included “behind the scenes” footage of me making mistakes and an ass of myself lol. Do not miss this clip! For Broken Toilet lovers this clip is a must in your collection 🙂

Length: 9:54s
Resolution: 1920×1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 285 MB

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