“It has been a while since Yua Goto has pooped, so she finally seeks out professional help!

Inside the clinic, she is laid on her side and proceeds to get her asshole warmed up, it is lubricated and gently rubbed by the nurse who later slowly penetrates her fingers inside one by one!

Before long, she is deeply finger fucking her tight asshole with the use of multiple fingers, leaving the recipient of the anal treatment moaning!

Eventually, the nurse is confident that she has loosened her tight asshole enough, so she grabs a massive syringe and begins filling the woman’s rectum with enema fluid! The liquid is slowly injected with the nurse repeatedly alternating between injecting it in and finger fucking her asshole!

From time to time, the nurse would also put pressure on the patient’s abdomen, making sure to relieve her of any air inside to completely fill her up! When that time finally comes, she gets on her knees and releases a massive stream of wet feces unto a pan upon the nurse’s orders!

Since she is completely full, it seems like the stream will never end! When it starts to slow down, the nurse starts repeatedly fingering her asshole again, making sure to go deep and scoop out everything left inside! “

Fetidistrojp – Anal Treatment: Yua Goto is Constipated!

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