Are you desperate enough for hot girl shit that you’ll order it online and have it mailed to your door? Just imagine how horny you must be for shit if you’ll buy mine from across the globe just to eat it! If you’re one of these special, desperate poop buyers, then this video is for you–especially to my international fans!

I mock and tease you for how badly you want my thick stinky dumps, how even though I vacuum seal my shit twice for freshness and have only rave reviews, that you must still be so pathetic to go through with it. It must be humiliating to be so bound and gagged to being my toilet–but it’s suiting that you’d be so desperate, isn’t it–it’s not like toilet like you who worships a girl’s shit HAS any dignity ? But, I can’t say that I blame you for how badly you want it… my “special chocolate” is divine!

I taste some, and eat a little, as I tell you how to put in an order, you dirty perv, so we can enjoy my shit together… but I’m leaving you the rest, and you have to eat it ALL, slave. Take this chocolatey fudge and cram it down your throat. I don’t care HOW long the shipping takes to get my shit from my ass to your mouth!


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