Originally a hot custom order (1/3) – The panty filling clip was made for a couple who like to poop in their underwear together and masturbate in it (clip also applies to one person watching). In the video I masturbate in my panties, strain and poop in them a little as I go along. They wanted to see me enjoy myself and do what turns me on so I had so much fun with this one! and the type of mess which is a lot more softer than my other poos so it’s nice and SPREADABLE! hehe. Take a look at my shit coming out pussy INSIDE THE PANTIES bulging out AND I lift the panties to SEE ME MAKE MORE POOPIES from my ass.I put the panties back on and sit on them. BECAUSE THIS VID IS ABOUT DOING THINGS THAT TURNS ME ON. and yes I love a good soft poo and couldn’t help but strain. It’s soft but hard to come out! Very strange but the best poop kind. Stuck, constipated and SOFT end result

Part 2 coming soon! Part 2 features orgasms and I get messy with this very poop I did in these kickers. I’d suggest watching this clip first. If you like my poop consistency, come back for the second and we masturbate together with my full knickers. This one is a great poopy talking clip with hot panty messing inside AND outside views of the underwear – not many clips have this!

Great Quality
Real Girl
Dirty Talk with Poop
Embarrassing mess
Full body w/ face
Straining Faces – My real ones

Length: 14:14s
Resolution: 1920×1080
Download Format: mp4
File Size: 2 GB

Categories: Farting, Panty/Jean Pooping, Poop Videos, Scat



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