“This dominatrix got lucky! She got a hold of two men and converted them to her slaves! She is not about to let such an opportunity go to waste, so she makes the most out of it! She begins with securing one of the men into her chair-like contraption which converts the guy into a human toilet! Without further ado, she sits on it and starts defecating! Her poop gets funneled into the man’s mouth, leaving him with no choice but to chew and eat everything, up to the very last piece!

By the time the dominatrix could no longer release anymore, she gets the other slave and smothers him with her asshole! This left him licking and eating her dirty butthole clean! To make things worse, the woman gets more aggressive with every passing second, consequently smothering him harder! So, the guy is desperately struggling for his breath more and more!

When she is finally satisfied, she redirects her attention to the earlier slave! She finds that he is still not yet finished eating her shit! So, she decides to lend him a hand! With the use of a pair of tongs, she pushes the remaining feces down his throat! He couldn’t help but gag, but that’s not going to help him! Unless he swallows everything down, she is bound to keep on stuffing all the poop in his mouth!”

Fetidistrojp – Two Slaves Eating Shit!

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