WOW look at what just came out of my butt!! This shit might be the biggest I ever made. I’m completely WOW’ed. 😀

You see my hot sexy fat butt and tight anus in HD close up as you see a GARGANTUAN log slide out as I moan with pleasure from the amazing stimulation. I seduce you with my ultra hot big butt and poopy butthole. Then I see how extraordinarily huge this load actually is. I talk to you as I just keep on admiring it and being amazed by it. I sniff it and I film it at different angles so you can fully appreciate it in all it’s glory.

I was planning on making this into a brownie for a fan. But I got so caught up in how monstrous this dump was that I just kept admiring it. Eventually I forgot I was actually going to make it into a brownie, hahaha. Luckily, just the enormous size of this load makes this a perfect video! Enjoy!

HotDirtyIvone – An GLORY HOLE

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