A fan really wanted to see me struggle to get my constipated shit out after three days of holding it. I can easily do that, I thought! So after three super uncomfortable days of holding my shit and managing the belly cramps, it was time to release. I felt my colon was so full and I was so bloated. I thought this shit will be massive! And it was, however to my dismay it came out half liquid. You see me doing my best to hide my disappointment after it has come out. It means I am going to have to hold another 3 days to give my fan what I promised him! I notice it’s still a really amazing shit pile though and I start admiring it. What a beautiful mixed consistency! Totally hard on one side, liquid on the other. A true masterpiece that arouses both liquid and solid lovers. I show you my sexy fat ass and dirty butthole up close as I jiggle my big butt for you. Then I zoom in on the shit for you to see it up close and I take a few big whiffs. Whew what a strong smell!! In the end I’m really pleased with how hot this video is. Still need to make the custom constipation hold video though. So back to eating oats and clogging up my bowels again for 3 days!

Full HD Video Video Info: 1920×1080 Pixel @ 15565 kb/s
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Length: 7min.
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