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I was thinking of it starting out with you entering the room only wearing your robe, not seeing me at first and then spotting the camera and being a little surprised. “What are you doing in here? You trying to spy on me going to the bathroom? Is that what gets you off? You naughty boy. Good thing I’ve been holding something all day you just might enjoy. So lets see that penis of yours and start playing with it for me.” Then slowly stepping forward as you untie your robe and let it slip down your body. I love when your hair is all roughed up and if it starts in the front run your hand through it to the back to show your beautiful breasts. Run your fingers over your nipples and grasp one breast while your your other goes down to your pussy. Then hike your leg up and spread your pussy a bit as you begin to piss all over me. “here you go baby boy. Is this what you wanted?” As you moan, bite your lip, pissing all over and telling me to stroke my cock. “Mmm thats a good boy. You nasty little pervert” then as you finish up and drip the last few drops say “I hope that’s not all you wanted to sneak a peak of. A filthy boy like you will definitely enjoy what else I’ve been holding.” Then turn around and bend over a little and slowly spread your cheeks so I can get a nice view of your asshole. Look back and say “I’ve got something that’ll make you cum so hard baby. Stroke that cock a little faster for me hun.” Then as your ass cheeks are spread nice and wide slowly squeeze a nice big solid shit out for me as you moan, fart and make any noises you want. Squeeze, moan and fart anything you have out and moan a sigh of relief as you look back and ask “I hope that made you cum so hard baby”

Length: 7:38s
Resolution: 1920×1080
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