Preparing for Сhildbirth

I’m doing an at home workout to prepare for the birth of the baby. Because of the strenuous home workout I did, I’m wearing a diaper underneath the leggings, because my doctor said that I could fart and mess the diaper when I do any type of a strenuous workout. After workout I’m lounging around the house taking a break after the workout when I feel the after effects of the workout kicking in and I’m finally decide I can’t take it anymore and I fart and mess my diaper.

Happy Birthday with Cupcakes

Happy Birthday! I eat chocolate cupcakes and shit my grey leggings and diapers. I’ll make smelly farts and dirty mess. Have fun!

Stinking Messy Leather Diarrhea

Loading my leather look leggings with Loud Farts and HUGE MESSY diarrhea!

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