This very long video is very nasty and cum shooting for my little nastyboys… this video is worth every penny plus more. I begin with my panties on and feeling like I need to shit, it feels like it’s going to be a long one, and I was right. I slide my panties to the side and SHIT THE LONGEST SHIT and it felt so good to release myself. Showing it off to the camera the length the size the texture it’s mouth watering and I’m about to find out! The instructions I give will help you get in tune with eating and devouring shit. I start with sucking on my dirty shitty panties and become very sexual while doing it, as it’s turning me on, I get some turds and put them in my mouth and chew on them ugh I love the way my shit taste; I then get the load and suck on it like a cock is in my mouth as the texture gets slimy I devour my shit by deep throating and sucking on my shit all crazy holding it I have them all on my fingers and I bobbed my head all crazy taking my shit in. This video will make you Cum Multiple times! It’s nasty but very helpful in getting on the next level of tasting shit from either yourself or others

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