I put my slave in mummification foil so that he is completely helpless for this toilet training. I cut a hole for his cock into the foil and jerk him to make him even weaker. While doing so, I sit on his face with my latex thong and instruct him to lick my ass crack. Then I take off my latex panties and my slave has to lick the rubber clean. Time to pee into his mouth! My slave must swallow all of my piss. Let’s see how well he functions as my scat toilet … First, I make him lick my asshole. Then I press a huge turd right into his face. You can see from two different perspectives how my shit piles up on his mouth. Now, I sit down comfortably next to my slave and order him to swallow. Whenever he makes an effort, I reward him with a handjob. However, if he should not manage to swallow all my shit, I will kick & punish his cock with my feet.

Miss Medea – I make you Swallow my Pee and Shit

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