My stomach has been cramping from something that I ate–I feel some really bad gas coming on.. I’m gonna cancel plans for tonight.. Urgh, it really hurts… Don’t LAUGH! You think me having gas is so funny, we’ll see how hard you’re laughing when I choke you with my GAS! I make you take my HUGE, WET, BUBBLY, NASTY, LONG Farts! In my tight jeans I unleash those farts close to your face and tell you to take those nasty farts and to put your face in my ass. Over and over I let those Monsters rip out of my ass! Haha, looks like you’re actually getting off my on my hot, stinky girl farts, aren’t you, you dirty perv?

Wanna know how you can REALLY make it up to me, tho? You can suck all this ass juice off my filthy gas-hole. My whole pucker and inner cheeks are just SMEARED with shart juices and YOU’RE going to lick them up!

LoveRachelle2 – Jean Farts

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