Love my fans! Today, love day, I am celebrating my lovely fans. This morning I needed to shit big time, I was not going to be able to hold it and I wasn’t able to play at that time soooo I decided to shit in a container and save it for later when I could!!! Fans- this was possibly the biggest shit I think I have ever had!!! Like HUGE!!!! I even pissed in a cup, and turned around to shit out some more. You are gonna be blown away with the gift coming out of my ass. So the video starts up again later on when I am able to spend the time playing with my big turd!!! I start by smearing myself from the bottom up! I make a sexy heart on my tummy and get my shit all over my titties and ass! It’s a beautiful mess. I love the smell and how creamy it is. It just glides on like the best lotion ever. Next I put some on lips and tongue, and give me big ass dildo a slide down my throat!! I feel like such a little cumslut and love being covered it shit. As you can likely tell 😜


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