Your favourite English teacher must’ve had a rough night last night because she’s phoning in her lesson and gulping down a ton of coffee from a huge starbucks drink! Watch her squirm as the coffee hits her stomach and make her desperate to use the bathroom.

In this video I’m wearing a tight pencil skirt, blouse, glasses, red lipstick and sheer, nude pantyhose. I sit down at my desk once the class is working and realize pretty quick that I need to shit REALLY bad. I wriggle and squirm and twist in my seat, muttering under my breath reassurances to myself about holding it in.

I can’t have an accident, but I also can’t leave my class alone without someone to cover. I keep looking at the clock and nervously drinking more coffee. The caffeine and sugar just make it worse! I tap my heeled loafers and cross and uncross my legs, shaking and trying to hold in my poop.

I lift up the back of my skirt, out of anyone’s view, and try to let out some farts to get some relief, but the small, hot bubbly farts just remind me of how urgent the pressure from the poo inside me is.

My tan nylons are just barely holding my big round ass in, and you can see form the camera angle behind me that I’m not even wearing panties. Was this teacher out partying last night??

MistressJenniferCarter – Caffeine brings caviar up!

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