I always laugh about holidays just because we girly girls revolve our wardrobe around some of them. To some extent, at least. But I have fun with it. One of my favorites is Saint Patrick’s day simply because I am Irish. So I thought I would make you a special little Irish girl shit video! I use my anal beads which my ass almost sucks up instantly. WTF. I take a sexy piss that squirts all over. Yummy. I have fun playing with my anal beads for a minute and then turn around to shit them out, the rest of my shit quickly follows and I have big ass anal bead dildo- guess where I am gonna stick it? Yep, right up my pussy! I shove it in after I rub it on my clit and get my pussy dirty. It feels fucking good. I enjoy the shit on my pussy more than the anal beads…too small for me! So I grab my big dildo and shove it in for a orgasm that I won’t soon forget. I seem to always get more messy than I plan but who cares, I love it!

Marinayam19 – Huge shit left in the sink!!

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