MASSIVE SHIT Scat Trilogy! 😉 I just left work and just the thought of getting all steamy and dirty when I’d return to my hotel room after a long day has me so horny and wet, I strip out of my work shirt and masturbate through my hot red panties, showing off my ass and enjoying the feeling of needing to shit! I peel off my red lace cheekies and fuck my pussy and ass until I can’t take it anymore–I take a MASSIVE shit right in the entry way door and get so aroused I pound my ass and finger my clit, my head and knees to the floor, I cum UPSIDE DOWN over my pile of poop! What a way to start an evening 😉 That poop looks SO smearable though, I’m still not done… wanna see what I’m gonna do with this huge pile of girl scat?

I show off my shit and tell you how much it stinks when I start smearing it all over my body! I smear all over my thighs, my tits, my ass, and my pussy <3 It’s so relaxing and refreshing to get down and dirty after a long day and a good cum 😉 the smell starts getting me hot and ready for another round so I pound my ass and cum again on the toilet and AGAIN on my knees with my shit smeared pussy right in your FACE!

The SCAT Trilogy wraps up in a steamy shower! I show you how messy I am after all my multi-orgasmic smearing fun and then lather up! I love how my poop flows off my body and caress myself as chunks and rivers of shit caressing my tits, ass and legs all the way down. The water “refreshes” the smell, too! I can hear the neighbors in my hotel, I wonder if they’ve been able to hear or smell me this whole time? 😉


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