I imagine many of you are familiar with William Shakespare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet and the historic scene where Juliet throws her braid off the balcony to Romeo below.
Here, I wanted to replicate it but in my own way, I will be at the top of a staircase and my shit-eating slave will be below, I will stick out my fine ass from the balcony and instead of the braid, I will start shitting on my slave, he will have to catch all my shit on the fly with his mouth.
This will be his fifth meal since he arrived and he is very hungry because he is not allowed to eat anything other than what I expel from my body, but I want him to masturbate with my shit as well and so he will, half of it he will eat and the rest he will use as a lubricant.

HotDirtyIvone – Fast potty pee

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