The first part of the movie stars Miko Himura and Shizuka Kitayama and seems to contains scenes that were probably part of SBN-03 but had to be cut because of run time. Like SBN-03 it contains forced enemas and shitting.

The second part of the movie is completely unrelated and contains some forced enemas by some guys who I think now own the lawfirm her ex husband used to own. In both scenes the women get enemas and shit all over the floor.

I ran the video through an AI to clean up image noise and compression artifacts. I also ran it through a AI to generate English subs. They are not perfect, it misses a few spots, but seem pretty close.

So before clicking that download button consider the resources, time, and effort that went into this upload.

It might only take you a few seconds to click the download button but this took me a lot of effort.

Please leave a comment below of what you think or even better vote on one of my request.


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