Just a little girl with a tummy ache 👼🏼. Since returning from holidays my poops have been soft, urgent, extra stinky, and they make me have to push and push while my tummy turns wanting to get it out.

Three separate poops to enjoy! First is a soft messy pile of poo and my little wrecked asshole working at pushing it alllll out (pew pew and popping farts)

The next poop is so quick it literally just diarrhea spilled out of my asshole.

The last one was extra stinky as well as watery and soft. I love to pulse my asshole to get little bits out (or just show off)

These poops aren’t as ideal to play with but maybe I’ll have Daddy fuck some out of me anyways!

gassy – Gassys holiday Diarrhea

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