Things went like this…
I had the sudden urge to shit. It was uncontrollable. I started to get a little shit in my panties and ordered the slave to immediately lie down in the tub because I couldn’t hold it any longer. I got into the tub and my ass was already dirty. I took off my panties and diarrhea came out. Not even having time to reach his mouth, I shit on his body and cock. It was a lot. He on his own initiative spread it on his cock and started masturbating, very excited. Then I pissed on his cock and in his mouth. I was about to pick up some shit with my foot but I thought about letting him clean my little hole with his tongue first. When I took some shit with my big toe and made him lick it, he cummed so much was the excitement for what he was experiencing. But I hadn’t given him permission, and by spitting on him I told him that as punishment he would stay here all day, in his shitty pigsty.

marcos579 – Mistress Emily Nasty Diarrhea

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