I’m awake early, all hot and bothered. Uncontrollably horny I wait for him in a sexy thong. I desperately need to shit, though I’m holding it cause the sensations in my asshole feel so damn good. I struggle and squirm absolutely visibly. I do my best to hold it in but I almost can’t anymore. I am completely taken away by my horniness. I lose myself in an ecstatic orgasmic feast of anal stimulation and self-teasing. I want to keep wearing my thong so that I’m all seductive as my lusted for man wakes up. I do my absolute best to hold it but ultimately fail, a huge load of thick creamy shit bursting out and through my sexy thong. It’s a huge and very stinky mess. I show you everything and my dirty ass too before I decide to join my desired man in his bed…

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Length: 7min.
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